Welcome to the Speedway at Willow Springs

2021 Updates

We at the Speedway at Willow Springs understand concerns about the rise in prices for a shorter season. In years past, the Willow Springs Raceway (the track owners) sponsored the insurance, the track rental, and the fire and rescue. As of March 2020 they let us know that this would no longer be an option. Since then we have formed an LLC and have some board members who have donated their own funds to ensure we have a place to race. We must fund everything ourselves, so we need the help. We are also currently putting things into place for next year. I know it has been said a million times but we are not perfect we’re just trying to have fun with our friends and have a place to come together and race. Thank you for your understanding. If anyone has any questions regarding finances please feel free to reach out. We are 100% transparent.
Thank you,
The Speedway at Willow Springs