May 30, 2015 Schedule Released. 4 Days until Race Day!!!

May 30 2015 Raceday schedule_B

Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse presents……


Legends return for Race #1 of 5 for 2015! And we have big news regarding the Legends. The Spears SRL Series and The Speedway At Willow Springs are very pleased to announce that the SRL Legends Series will come for it’s FIRST VISIT EVER to our track in 2015. We are finalizing the dates and will announce them both shortly, but the very prestigious SRL series will become part of the Willow Springs family later this season.


Another FIRST TIME EVER. Chain racing at Willow Springs. We’ve decided to tie a couple of cars together and race them. We’re not exactly sure how this is going to work out, I’m sure it won’t be pretty. Who will the first ever winner of Chain Racing? You will have to be there to see it!! It happens nowhere else but Willow Springs this Saturday May 30th at 6pm.












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The Speedway At Willow Springs – Final Results – Event #2 – May 16, 2015

05_16_15d Elite Division final

05_16_15g So-Cal Enduro final

05_16_15c Street Stocks final

05_16_15b Mini Stocks final

05_16_15a Hobby Stocks final

05_16_15e Skid Plates final

05_16_15f Extreme Events final


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IT’S RACE DAY at The Speedway At Willow Springs

The weather is beautiful and teams are preparing for practice. We can’t wait for Race #2 of the 2015 Summer Series by Budweiser.

Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse & Napa of Ridgecrest present……

The Wayne and Dave’s Elite Division (Late Models, Trucks, Mods)

The KGG Electric Street Stocks

The Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse Hobby Stocks

The Lucas Oil Mini Stocks

Skid Plates

DOUBLE Spin to Win

Flag Pole Racing

Backward Race

Kids Kandy Scramble.

Kids Big Wheel Race

and MUCH MORE!!!

6pm Green Flag

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May 16, 2015 Schedule Released. 4 Days until Race Day!!!

May 16_2015 Raceday schedule_B

The Speedway At Willow Springs

May 16th Race Day Schedule presented by Swift Napa of Ridgecrest and Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse in Colton and San Dimas.

Wayne and Dave’s Elite Division (Late Models, Trucks, Modifieds)

So-Cal Enduro by Swift Napa of Ridgecrest

Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse Hobby Stocks

KGG Electric Street Stocks

Lucas Oil Mini Stocks

Skid Plates

Backwards Race

Flagpole Racing

DOUBLE spin to win!

Kids Kandy Scramble, and MUCH MORE!!!



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The Speedway At Willow Springs – Final Results – Event #1 – April 18, 2015 (So-Cal Enduro, Skid Plates, Extreme Events)

04_18_15g So Cal Enduro

04_18_15e Skid Plates final

04_18_15f Extreme Events

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The Speedway At Willow Springs – Final Results – Event #1 – April 18, 2015

04_18_15d Elite Division final Event 1

04_18_15d Elite Division final Event 2

04_18_15c Street Stocks final

04_18_15a Hobby Stocks final

04_18_15b mini stocks final

*So-Cal Enduro, Skid Plates, and Extreme Events to be released later in the week.

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The long wait is over…..IT’S RACE DAY!

Come join us for a 6pm Green Flag as we kick off our 2015 Summer Season at The Speedway at Willow Springs!!  We have one HUGE opening night ahead!!

Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse and Hoopers Rear Ends present……

*Ray Cran Memorial Twin 30′s for The Elite Division (Late Models, Modifieds, Trucks) presented by Wayne and Daves Auto Service
*So-Cal Enduro 25 laps one direction, 25 laps the other
*The Pinnacle Peak Hobby Stocks
*KGG Electric Street Stocks
*The Lucas Oil Mini Stocks
*Flag Pole Racing
*Red Neck Tire Delivery
*Skid Plates
*Kids Kandy Scramble


Racing West 500x375

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2015 General Rules


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Who will win the Ray Cran Memorial Twin 30′s for our Elite Division??????? You will have to BE THERE to find out. This Saturday April 18th. First green flag at 6pm.

Presented by Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse and Hoopers Rear Ends.


Racing West 500x375

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FOUR days until Race Day!! Opening night Press Release

PINNACLE PEAK STEAKHOUSE in San Dimas and Colton and HOOPERS REAR ENDS present…….


The Ray Cran Memorial Twin 30’s for The Wayne and Dave’s Automotive “Elite Division” (Late Models, Modifieds, Trucks),


Also……The So-Cal Enduro presented by Swift Napa Auto Parts of Ridgecrest (25 laps one direction, 25 the other), Wild West Figure 8 Racing, Pinnacle Peak Hobby Stocks, KGG Electric Street Stocks, Lucas Oil Mini Stocks & Sport Compact, Skid Plates, Flag Pole Racing, Redneck Tire Delivery Race, 007 Spin, Kids Big Wheel Races, Kids Kandy Scramble, and much MORE!





Green Flag-6pm.


One low price $10 ticket buys you an entire weekend of AWESOME racing action. On the big track the cycles take to the ultra high speed 2.5 mile Willow Springs road course with Moto West GP. Then come on up to us at the ¼ mile (North end of the property) for a full night of door slamming stock car racing action on our ¼ mile. Even get yourself a tail gate spot for a nominal $5 more and enjoy the action right from your vehicle. Bring your own food and drink and have a great time! Still haven’t had enough? Keep your wristbands and come back Sunday for even more Moto West GP on the 2.5 mile road course. A full weekend of racing for only $10!


RAY CRAN MEMORIAL TWIN 30’S FOR OUR ELITE DIVISION. (Late Models, Modifieds, Trucks) presented by HOOPERS REAR ENDS.




What is the “Elite Division”? Something new for 2015. We are rolling out the welcome mat and opening the doors to allow other types of cars & trucks to compete with our late models. IMCA modifieds, Southwest Tour Trucks, and the former Ultra Wheels Spec Trucks are all eligible.


Former Champion Jered King is headed back to Willow Springs to have some fun with last years Champion Chris Peedan. Frazier Park’s John Penning and Randy Wilkins look to improve on last season as well. Hundreds of laps of testing took place 3 weeks ago, and are on a new common tire that looks to equalize the field and invite cars from other tracks to run with us. Alex Anderson was blazing fast last season setting numerous fast times, look for him to run to the front once again.



Who will set the pace for the 2015 Championship? You will have to be there to find out!




We received a little taste of Enduro action last season, and this year the gang is back for 5 events. We had a huge field of cars for this last time around, and numerous new cars are being built, so we are expecting a raging battle for the checkers on this one. 25 laps one direction, 25 laps the other. Our drivers last time were “creative” finding the fast groove was on the service road below the actual race track. There may be some obstacles in place this time?……lol. Gotta give credit where it is due, we didn’t say they “couldn’t race there”! Some even tried the dirt. Whatever works is what flys in the Enduros, so be ready for some spinning, bumper crushing, door slamming action!!!





Our Stock Cars drivers asked for it, we gave it to them!! If it looks like a stock car, it’s good to go as they will go at it on the tight Willow Springs track to take the green on our first Figure 8 of 2015. It will be 17 laps of mayhem at the intersection. Figure 8 will run all events in 2015, so F8 fans you are going to get a treat this season!!! Our drivers can’t wait to put on a show for You, our fans!









All of last seasons Hobby drivers are planning to return except for the 2014 Champion. So the door is open for a new Champion for 2015. Justin Quinn had everything go right last year, and cruised to an easy victory. This year, the field is wide open as numerous drivers were within a few points of each other. Will it be someone from the team known as the Wolfpack? Will it be Don or Shelby Oatley? Johnny Troesch or Michael Williams? Or someone totally new hiding in the wings to make their appearance?
The racing in this division was so good last season we extended their races and even had a 40 lap premier event for them. We expect even more this season.


We’ve opened up our rules a bit to allow more dirt cars to compete with us, so we are expecting to see some new faces as well.

Don’t miss this Saturday to see the beginning of a new Champion!!





Last years Champion Robert Heflin is taking the season off, so we will have a new one for 2015 in the mini’s as well. We hear of a couple new cars waiting in the wings to join our existing teams. We also add Sport Compacts as well as an entry level step into a Mini Stock running in their own “race within a race”. Dale and Rich Connors are both ready to pounce on the opportunity for their first championships in this division. Who will lead the charge to the 2015 Championship?
You will have to be there to find out this Saturday!




5 time Champion Bobby Dezarov decided to take a run at the Irwindale teams this season, so that leaves the door open for this division as well. Will it be the always fast Don Oatley in “Chicken Dinner”. Will it be Will Cottrell who was super fast in qualifying last season, always searching for more speed. Will it be Justin Good rolling out a new car? Or will it be a mystery driver who hasn’t shown their cards yet and will make an appearance on opening day?





Drivers, dads, moms, kids, dogs, and cats, have been asking (bugging me relentlessly….lol) to see these cars go Full Track.


I give, I give, I give!!!


So for 2015 we are going FULL TRACK with our skid plates.

Dale Connors pretty much owned this division for most of 2015, but Brady Mertz starting putting the car in the winners circle and looks to make it difficult for Dale this season.

Smooth and steady is the way with these cars. If you don’t know what a skid plate is, we take the rear wheels off, put a flat metal plate on, and the sparks fly. As you can imagine, the cars are a “bit” tough to drive and go spinning wildly if you lose the handle even a little. Having driven one of these myself, there isn’t many things more fun than driving one of these, and trying to get it go around the track without spinning.

Talk about the most affordable way to go racing ever! For less than about $1,000 you can be out having fun with our guys and girls. Bring Dale Connors Machine Shop in Lancaster (661-675-3911) just about any front wheel drive car (check our rulebook on the website for specific models), for about $400 you get back a Skid Plate car ready to race. Add safety gear and you are good to go! You say you don’t have a truck and trailer? No problem my friend, we’ll find a place right here on our 600 acres for you. There isn’t an easier or more economical way to get into racing!!! (and have a TON of fun as well!!)



Fan Favorite Flag pole racing returns this week as the skid plate cars put the wheels on and show the fans what a high speed traffic jam looks like. If you haven’t seen Flag Pole racing, how to describe this with words, hmmm???……A Round A Bout with two Figure 8’s down the front and back straightaways. The drivers then have to dodge each other as they come around the pole. It’s quite frankly……… a mess, as the drivers avoid each other to get to the next flag. There was a ton of sheet metal to bang out after 2014, and we expect even more this round.






The Kids Big Wheel race will get some nice prizes once again. A ride in the pace car, or throwing the green flag for a heat race. We will also have a Kids Kandy Scramble during the evening.



We would like to warmly welcome 51 FIFTY Energy Drink (available at the Fast Trip in Rosamond) K&N Engineering, Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse, Wayne and Dave’s Automotive, Arena Homes, Hooper’s Rear Ends, Lucas Oil Products, Ron’s Rear Ends, Budweiser, KGG Electric, and Deist Safety, as sponsors for 2015. A big Thank You to All!!!

Without these sponsors, we simply don’t race. Please give back by supporting these sponsors as they’ve supported us!!!


And my personal thank you to Ben Ryan at Deist Safety for the donation of a number of driving suits for our Skid Plate ride a longs and guest competitors. Thank you Ben!





This is a feature found at only a few race tracks in the entire Country. Throw your own personal party while watching the action at our ¼ mile for just $5 per vehicle. If you’d like a reserved Tail Gate spot for the season, they are only $80 for all 9 events. Call (661) 945-2102 or email for reservations. Arrive and leave when you please, the spot is yours on race days.





Have an RV? Stay the night for no extra charge (dry camp) and enjoy Sunday’s events as well. Hookups are available at the road course area for a small extra charge. Contact (661) 256-2471 for reservations.




Our 2015 season features nine events including two BIG “Destruction in the Desert” events in May and September. We are going to absolutely DESTROY the place. We just came out of a planning session with a few of the teams out of Perris Speedway, and we are going to have some big time FUN!!!




Our 1/4 mile oval is part of the eight race tracks and 600 acres that make up Willow Springs International Raceway. Internationally recognized since 1953 as among the most prestigious in the World, and as of 1996, a California State Historical Landmark. Michael Andretti, Tommy Kendall, Derrick Cope, and Nigel Mansell all hold track records at the facility.


Here is a little more detail on two terrific features you cannot get anywhere else. Once you are in the front gates, your ticket is good for the entire weekend of racing for the road course events on the grounds, in addition to our Saturday night event. The 2.5 mile Fastest Road in the West which features dramatic elevation changes, and the infamous Turn 9 with speeds approaching 200 mph. The Streets of Willow Springs, and The Horse Thief Mile, also have events just about every weekend through the year. Hangout in the pits, talk with the drivers, and get some terrific pictures. Also, there is the WSIR gift shop and full snack bar open every weekend. Take a drive up to the Budweiser Balcony and enjoy an incredible view of the Antelope Valley as well.


The second feature of our 1/4 mile oval that you can not get just about anywhere else is Tail Gating. ($5 nominal charge per vehicle) Our guests can enjoy the action from the comfort of your car should you choose. Our prime spots are very limited, so get there early for the best locations. We also have a large amount of grandstand seating for the full experience as well with FREE parking.


Our Saturday Night divisions will feature the best stock car drivers in the region as they compete for the 2015 Championship. The 4 cylinder Mini-Stocks, The Hobby and Street Stocks, and our premier division Wayne and Dave’s Elite Division (Late Models, Modifieds, Trucks) will be charging hard for the 2015 Championship. We had a number of new teams at practice, come out to see how they stack-up against our seasoned veterans. Get ready for some old school side by side stock car racing like it used to be. Full inverts, Restart Cone side by side yellow flag restarts, (where the drivers can pick inside or outside line). We are gonna change it up and have some fun!


Other fun events are in the planning stages, and will be announced throughout the season.
The Speedway at Willow Springs International Raceway-2015 Event Schedule



Adult admission $10, Kids 10 and under Free. Green Flag 6pm unless noted

2015 Speedway at Willow Springs Schedule

Green Flag 6pm


April 18th 2015 Opening Night

Twin 30’s for The Wayne and Dave’s Elite Division (Late Models, Modifieds, and Trucks)

Figure 8, Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse Hobby Stocks, Street Stocks, Lucas Oil Mini Stocks, Skid Plates, Flag Pole Racing, Gymkhana, 007 Spin, Redneck Tire Delivery, Kids Kandy Krush, Big Wheel Races



May 16th - All our Regular Divisions AND “Destruction in the Desert” #1 


May 30th - All our Regular Divisions, Figure 8, INEX Legends, and Chain Racing


June 13th -  All our Regular Divisions, Figure 8, INEX Legends and Drag Racing.


June 27th - All our Regular Divisions, Figure 8, Waterless Boat Race, and Flag Pole Racing


August 8th - All our Regular Divisions, Figure 8, and INEX Legends


September 12th - All our Regular Divisions AND Destruction in the Desert #2


October 10th - All our Regular Divisions, Figure 8, School Bus Racing, and INEX Legends


October 24th - 3rd Annual Pumpkin Smash- Championship Night, Figure 8, and INEX Legends (3pm Green Flag

Adult admission $10, Kids 10 and under Free.

Tailgating spots available for $5 first come first served. Season long Reserved Tailgate spots are available as well. Call (661) 945-2102 to reserve yours!!!





Phone: (661) 945-2102   (661) 492-7526


We would like to thank all our terrific sponsors for making our 2014 season possible!


A to Z Signs, Budweiser, 51 FIFTY Energy Drink, K&N Engineering, Wayne and Dave’s Automotive, Toyota, KGG Electric, Hooper’s Rear Ends, Off Vintage Motorcycles, The Tire Store, Adams Metalizing and Grinding, Ron’s Rear Ends, Arena Homes, AV Roadhouse, Rock Inn, Lucas Oil Products, Abadak, Benz Sanitation, Angels Touch Towing, 10000 RPM Clutches and Flywheels, Deist Safety, Studio Equipment Rentals, Franks Radio, Linny White’s Race Shop, and Pepsi.




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