Shauna Craig Racing at Willow Springs October 25th!



Shauna Craig Racing making their first ever appearance at The Speedway at Willow Springs racing in our Hobby Stock Division.

SCRE is the first all female Owner, Driver, and Crew, Stock Car Race Team featured on the “Speed Sirens” reality TV show that will be shooting this weekend.

Scheduled to appear are Lorraine McKiniry

Jo Coddington (Past NHRA Champion and wife of Boyd Coddington)
Karen Slavaggio

Kelly Ellis




SCRE Team Pic 1 - alter ego


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The Countdown Begins……5 days until RACE DAY!!!

October 25th Poster

Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse in San Dimas and Colton present……..

“The 2nd Annual Pumpkin Smash” at Willow Springs!

Former Nascar West Series and two time Saugus Speedway Champion Sean Woodside tows up to compete against his God Father and current points leader Chris Peedan. Will the god son give him room, or make him race hard for his Championship? (we think #2)

Come on out to see what happens!!!!


“WE ARE Bristol in your Backyard”!

Green Flag at 3pm. Don’t Miss It!

The “Little Bristol of the West’s” last event of the season is also our BIGGEST event of the season!
50 lap Sport Compact Enduro sponsored by Napa Swift Auto Parts of Ridgecrest. $300 to the winner of this one courtesy of Napa. We have many new cars getting built for this event, and understand we have a two seater taking on the challenge as well. That is going to be one WILD RIDE!

Wayne and Dave’s Automotive Late Models

Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse Hobby Stocks

Street Stocks

Lucas Oil Mini Stocks

Skid Plates

Flag Pole Racing


DOUBLE Spin to Win

Redneck Tire Delivery Race

PUMPKIN SMASH and on track trick or treating for the kids

Kids Costume Contest

Pit Crew Competition







It’s Champions Night as 6 Champions are crowned in all our divisions.

Wayne and Dave’s Late Models

Pinnacle Peak Hobby Stocks

Lucas Oil Mini Stocks

Street Stocks

Skid Plates

Extreme Events


And then, our Pumpkin Smash and Costume Contest for the kids, and finally our Skid Plates will end the day Halloween style “racing” across a truckload of Pumpkins! It’s going to be…….well……a HUGE mess to clean up!

Green Flag 3 PM
Point battles are still tight in a number of our divisions, and no Championship is a lock until the final checkered flag falls. Drivers needing points will have to pull out all the stops, and we have no doubt it will happen THIS SATURDAY.


#98 Chris Peedan is enjoying a decent lead going into our final race, but it’s not done yet. With an extra late model coming, anything can happen, and did back in September as the #98 suffered a motor failure. #30 John Penning is only 15 points back and waiting to strike if something does. #77 Alex Anderson is not out of the hunt yet either as he looks toward the Championship as well. Former Nascar West Series Champion and two time Saugus Speedway Champion Sean Woodside joins the field to throw in a little mystery, and anything can happen!!!

Will Peedan prevail? BE THERE TO FIND OUT!!!!



Unless something “crazy” happens, Justin Quinn will capture his first ever Championship this Saturday at Willow Springs. He had lots of “crazy” happen to him throughout the 2014 season, including breaking the car as it crossed the line for the checkers. One more lap, and it would have been a DNF and a much different final run for the season. But 2nd and 3rd in points are far from settled as Wolf Pack team mates Joseph Pablo and Brandon Fisk tussle for 2nd place in the division only 16 points apart. Don Oatley, deciding to help put as many cars on the track as possible in 2014 (as many as 4 earlier in the season) made that his priority over points racing. He is solidly in 4th spot with Richard Wolfe Sr. rounding out the top 5 going into the final race of the year.



#97 of Robert Heflin see’s the checkers in his future as the 2014 Champion, but it’s not over yet as #76 Richard Connors still has a shot if the right things happen. We are expecting an extra car or two to possibly mix this up. It’s exactly what Connors needs to have a shot at Heflin for top spot. Third position in points is all tied up with #11 Dale Connors and #00 Steve Patterson. These two will be racing hard for the podium spot at the banquet. Will it be #11 or #00? BE THERE TO SEE IT HAPPEN LIVE!!!



This little division started with one car only a few months ago, and is now nearing 15. Affordable, Easy, Simple, and FUN. For less than $1,000 you are on the track having a blast. And that has proved to be a great direction as we continue to grow this little gem of a division through each race. Find yourself a car, Dale Connors can install your safety bars extremely economically, a drivers suit, and you are good to go. We have to again thank Jim Cohan, Michael Atkinson, and Robert Rice at Irwindale Event Center for helping make this division possible.

For those that haven’t seen them, here’s the only way I can describe it…..

A Rolling Destruction Derby.

They are 1980’s and later front wheel drive cars, take the rear wheels off, bolt on a wide flat plate instead, put them in drive, and watch the mayhem begin. They spin, push, twirl, slide, and somehow manage to make something that kinda sorta looks like a race. These are cars are pure FUN, and our new teams plan to put on a show for YOU our fans! And to spice it up for Halloween, the Plates will be maneuvering around a truck load of Pumpkins!!!! These cars are already like driving on ice, imagine the kids putting down a slimy mess of Pumpkins to “help out” our drivers!….lol.


$10 Adults, Kids 8 and under are Free. Parking Free. Optional Tail Gate spots are only $5.

What are “Extreme Events”? It’s all the fun stuff.

Double Spin to Win- You must spin the car twice per lap.

Flag Pole Racing- Dodge Ball with cars as they maneuver around a pole trying to miss each other.

Gymkhana – Drag racing around pylons in elimination rounds.

Red Neck Tire Delivery Race- Be the fastest to deliver the tire to start/finish on your hood. The tire falls off and you are OUT!

2nd to the Line Wins!- Not as easy as it sounds, especially when your competitor is pushing you across the line!!



And coming in 2015


James Bond Spin

Chain Racing



A razor thin 5 points separate father and son in this division. Son Cory Carter leads father Jon by just a tad. We have four big events for this division this Saturday, so these two will be battling hard for the wins. And Brady Mertz is not far behind if one or both falter. Make it though all the events in one piece, and he has a shot to win at all as well. With Michael Forbes just out of the podium spot in 4th, he’s going to be right on Mertz’s tail trying to knock him out of the third spot. BE THERE TO SEE WHO TAKES THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!




We are going to invite the kids down to smash some Pumpkins, build some Pumpkin walls, and any other possible obstacle for our Skid Plate cars to smash to smithereens! The already slippery Plate cars will be sliding even more after the kids prepare the sloppy gooey mess for our drivers! It’s gonna be a BLAST!!!


DON’T FORGET- Green Flag at an early 3 pm!



The Speedway at Willow Springs International Raceway.

“WE ARE Bristol in your backyard”!




What do some Tail Gating? Throw your own personal party while watching the action for just $5 per vehicle. That is a feature of our 1/4 mile oval that you can not get just about anywhere else. Our guests can enjoy the action from the comfort of your car, and have a great time to boot! Our prime spots are very limited, so get there early for the best locations. We also have a large amount of grandstand seating for the full experience as well with free parking.


As an added Bonus your wristband is good for the entire weekend of racing at the Facility. This Sunday continue your racing weekend with Cobra Club on the 2.5 mile Willow Springs “Fastest Road in the West” and Mini Moto. A whole weekend of racing for $10, name a better deal!


Have an RV? Stay the night for no extra charge (dry camp) and enjoy Sunday’s events as well. Hookups are available at the road course area for a small extra charge. Contact (661) 256-2471 for reservations.

Our 1/4 mile oval is part of the eight race tracks and 600 acres that make up Willow Springs International Raceway. Internationally recognized since 1953 as among the most prestigious in the World, and as of 1996, a California State Historical Landmark. Michael Andretti, Tommy Kendall, Derrick Cope, and Nigel Mansell all hold track records at the facility.


Green Flag at 3pm. Don’t Miss It!


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2015 Willow Springs Rules Meeting tomorrow 10am at Casa Roma!

If you are, or are considering racing with us in 2015, tomorrow is your first opportunity to discuss the direction of your division. (we may have follow up discussions with individual divisions at a later date). We are starting early (hope to have final rules out by Thanksgiving) and want the competitors input on what rule changes you would like to see for 2015. It’s 10am at Casa Roma Roadhouse. If you can’t be there, but want to participate, drop me an email and we can setup a video Ichat or Skype connection.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!!!…….Andy D.

  • 320 W Ave J2
    Lancaster, CA 93534
  • Get Directions
  • Phone number(661) 942-2166




Pinnacle 2

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Extreme Event Point Standings after Event #8

Extreme Points after Event #8


08_09_14f Extreme Events

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The Speedway at Willow Springs- Final Results – September 6, 2014

09_06_14g The Angie 17- Figure 8

09_06_14d Late Models final

09_06_14a Hobby Stocks final

09_06_14c Street Stocks final

09_06_14b Mini Stocks final

09_06_14e Skid Plates final

09_06_14f Extreme Events final

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OCTOBER 25TH Sport Compact Enduro!


Oct 25thSpeedway Willow SpringsOct 25th


50 Laps – No Break

Sponsored By

Swift Napa Auto Parts

Mojave – Tehachapi – Lake Isabella – Ridgecrest


(Minimum Purse)

“$300 TO WIN – $25 TO START”

$25 entry fee

Driver and crew pit passes $25 – (plus $10 at main entrance)


RACE FORMAT - Roadcourse race, using the oval and infield.- 

The race will be a 50 lap, straight through event with no breaks. Lineup will be a pill draw at the drivers meeting. The race will begin from a standing start. No yellow flags will be used. The race will continue around disabled vehicles unless the racetrack becomes blocked, or a safety hazard warrants a red flag. At which time all cars will stop immediately until green flag racing is resumed.

RULES – cars must be completely stock with no performance parts. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Chassis and engine – open to any front wheel drive, 4 cyl or 6 cyl car or minivan. 

All chassis and engine components must remain completely stock design, oem or oem replacement.

No turbos or ram air induction of any kind. Catilytic converter may be removed.

Tires will be p-series dot street radial tires the approximate size for the vehicle. Max 7 in tread.

SAFETY All glass must be removed, except for windshield. Steel screen mesh may replace windshield.

All interior must be removed except for dashboard and drivers seat. Factory driver’s seat and 3 point seat belts may be used, but racing seat and belts highly recommended. 

A fire extinguisher mounted within reach of driver is required.

DRIVER SAFETY – Drivers must wear an approved full fire retardant driving suit and helmet.

Racing shoes and gloves are highly recommended.

ROLLCAGE REQUIREMENTS – all current skid plate cars from willow, irwindale and oss are legal! But this it what we would like to see for new builds…

Minimum 1.5 inch, .090  tubing. Mandatory, one roll over bar located behind drivers seat, extending from door to door, above the drivers head, with one cross bar at approximately shoulder height. One door bar from shoulder height to floor at front of door in both driver and passenger doors. Must be securely mounted to floor using steel plates. A complete full ministock type interior roll cage is ok, and recommended.

No bars allowed in engine compartment. No reinforcing of front bumpers allowed. 

Safety rules will be strictly enforced. Vehicles considered unsafe will not race. 

So please call ahead if you have any questions.

These rules are based on the current skid plate cars running at willow, oss and irwindale.

If you’re legal there, you’re legal here.


Please make sure your numbers are large and legible! There will be a lot of cars. 

If the scorers have a hard time seeing your number, you might get missed. 


TECH INFO – Aaron – 661-714-7228. Danny – 760-977-0216



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2 Days until Race-day! September 6th Schedule.

September 6 2014 Raceday schedule_B

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Racing West 09_06_14

Wild Figure 8 Racing (The Angie 17), WRA Vintage Sprint Cars, Late Models, Hobby Stocks, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, Skid Plates, Flag Pole Racing, Gymkhana, Redneck Tire Delivery Race, Kids Big Wheel Races, Kids Kandy Scramble, and much MORE!




Green Flag-6pm.

One low price $10 ticket buys you an entire weekend of AWESOME racing action. On the big track the Porsche Owners Club take to the 2.5 mile Willow Springs road course for high speed action. Then come on up to us at the ¼ mile (North end of the property) for a full night of door slamming stock car racing action on our ¼ mile. Even get yourself a tail gate spot for a nominal $5 more and enjoy the action right from your vehicle. Bring your own food and drink and have a great time! Still haven’t had enough? Come back Sunday for Extreme Speed and the Porsche Owners Club. A full weekend of racing for only $10!



Our Stock Cars will go at it on the tight Willow Springs Figure 8 track to take the first ever Angie 17 check and trophy. It will be 17 laps of mayhem as everyone wants to be the winner of this very special event. Thank you to the Hernandez family for making this one happen! Who will be the first ever champion of the Angie 17? You will have to be there to find out!




The Western Racing Association Vintage cars are back for their one and only visit to Willow Springs in 2014 to put on a show for you! It’s a “Moving Museum” as our racers exhibit these beautiful midget and sprint cars in an exhibition event. Hear the rear of the “Offy’s” as they take the green!



John Penning (30) continues to chase our points leader Chris Peedan (98) as we have two races to go in the Championship run for 2014. Every week Penning continues to improve and is poised for another win in the division. But back in July, Peedan was the victor, capturing another win in 2014. But this one isn’t over yet as Alex Anderson (77) is only a few points back of Penning and is looking for 2nd in the points chase. With a little luck coming their way, both Penning and Anderson have a shot at the championship. Will Penning catch Peedan? Will Anderson pass them both? You will have to be there to find out!



With Justin Quinn (19x) with a dream season out front in the points battle, the fight is for 2nd going into this Saturday between a couple of Wolfpack teammates. Joseph Pablo (79) holds a small 11 point lead for 2nd over Brandon Fisk (39). They are team mates off the track, but when they are fighting for a bigger trophy, all friendships are put aside for the race. It’s no holds barred to the checkered between these two. We expect to see lots of side by side action as the top 4 in points race for their Championships. The scramble for the top 3 podium spots will come down to the wire. Who will be our Top 3? Don’t miss this Saturday to see it happen!



Robert Heflin (97) scored another victory on the year rebounding from a very bad race back in June that saw his 97 retire from competition early in the day. Jumping into the 14 truck, he was able to gather a few points, but now back in the 97, cruised to a big victory back on July 19th. But Rich Connors (76) is not giving up on his Championship hopes. Only 20 points back, our June race proved ANYTHING can and will happen. Rich continues to run hard and improve each week. Meanwhile Steve Patterson (00) still is within reach of 2nd place in points, and is rebounding from a very difficult first half of the season which seemed to plague him with mechanical problems every week. The car seems to have settled down, and Patterson still has his eyes on the top two spots. Will Connors catch Heflin? Will Patterson catch Connors? You will have to be there to find out this Saturday!
A big thank you to Lucas Oil for assisting us with this division.



Bobby Dezarov (17) continues on his lead in the Street Stock Championship. Don Oatley (84) in the Chicken Dinner Street Stock has closed the gap considerably, and is only 20 points back with 2 races to go. Will Cottrell (1) still holds the third spot with DJ Jeffrey (77) in fourth.



Dale Connors (11) holds a 13 point lead going into our last two races for the Skid Plates. Points are super tight in this division as the top 5 dice for position. Connors has a small 13 point lead, but Corey Carter (41) is right there. 13 points can easily be won in a single race, so Connors has to race fast and clean as he will work his way from the very back of the field. But Carter will have the same disadvantage being 2nd in points in our full invert. John Dunlap (68) is only 14 points behind Carter and knows he needs to have a great run this Saturday to catch him. Just three points behind Dunlap is Jon Carter (42) nipping at the heels of Dunlap for third. And Brady Mertz (25) is just three points behind Carter in 5th. So it’s anyone’s Championship going into this weekend. With the huge field of cars this division has been drawing, enough points can be gained that any of the top 5 can come out of this one with the lead. Who will be our Point Leader? Come out this Saturday to see!!!



Flag pole racing returns this week as the skid plate cars put the wheels on and show the fans what a high speed traffic jam looks like. If you haven’t seen Flag Pole racing, how to describe this with words, hmmm???……A Round A Bout with two Figure 8’s down the front and back straightaways. The drivers then have to dodge each other as they come around the pole. It’s quite frankly……… a mess, as the drivers avoid each other to get to the next flag. There was a ton of sheet metal to bang out after the last one, and we expect even more this round.


If you’ve seen X-games you already know what this is. If you haven’t, it’s basically a drag race obstacle course. Like drag racing, it is single elimination until there is a winner.



The Kids Big Wheel race will get some nice prizes once again. A ride in the pace car, or throwing the green flag for a heat race. We will also have a Kids Kandy Scramble during the evening.



We would like to warmly welcome Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse, Wayne and Dave’s Automotive, Arena Homes, Hooper’s Rear Ends, Lucas Oil Products, Ron’s Rear Ends, and Deist Safety, as some of our new supporting sponsors for 2014. A big Thank You to All!!!


And my personal thank you to Ben Ryan at Deist Safety for the donation of a number of driving suits for our Skid Plate ride a longs and guest competitors. Thank you Ben!



This is a feature found at only a few race tracks in the entire Country. Throw your own personal party while watching the action at our ¼ mile for just $5 per vehicle. If you’d like a reserved Tail Gate spot for the season, they are only $80 for all 9 events. Arrive and leave when you please, the spot is yours on race days.



Have an RV? Stay the night for no extra charge (dry camp) and enjoy Sunday’s events as well. Hookups are available at the road course area for a small extra charge. Contact (661) 256-2471 for reservations.



Our 2014 season features nine events including First Ever……Destruction in the Desert on August 9th. We just added an Open Comp “free for all” for stock cars, and our Skid Plates will be going at it as well. Then we are going to absolutely DESTROY some stuff. We just came out of a planning session with a few of the teams out of Perris Speedway, and we are going to have some big time FUN!!!



Our 1/4 mile oval is part of the eight race tracks and 600 acres that make up Willow Springs International Raceway. Internationally recognized since 1953 as among the most prestigious in the World, and as of 1996, a California State Historical Landmark. Michael Andretti, Tommy Kendall, Derrick Cope, and Nigel Mansell all hold track records at the facility.

Here is a little more detail on two terrific features you cannot get anywhere else. Once you are in the front gates, your ticket is good for the entire weekend of racing for the road course events on the grounds, in addition to our Saturday night event. The 2.5 mile Fastest Road in the West which features dramatic elevation changes, and the infamous Turn 9 with speeds approaching 200 mph. The Streets of Willow Springs, and The Horse Thief Mile, also have events just about every weekend through the year. Hangout in the pits, talk with the drivers, and get some terrific pictures. Also, there is the WSIR gift shop and full snack bar open every weekend. Take a drive up to the Budweiser Balcony and enjoy an incredible view of the Antelope Valley as well.

The second feature of our 1/4 mile oval that you can not get just about anywhere else is Tail Gating. ($5 nominal charge per vehicle) Our guests can enjoy the action from the comfort of your car should you choose. Our prime spots are very limited, so get there early for the best locations. We also have a large amount of grandstand seating for the full experience as well with FREE parking.

Our Saturday Night divisions will feature the best stock car drivers in the region as they compete for the 2014 Championship. The 4 cylinder Mini-Stocks, The Hobby and Street Stocks, and our premier division Wayne and Dave’s Late Models will be charging hard for the 2014 Championship. We had a number of new teams at practice, come out to see how they stack-up against our seasoned veterans. Get ready for some old school side by side stock car racing like it used to be. Full inverts, Restart Cone side by side yellow flag restarts, (where the drivers can pick inside or outside line). We are gonna change it up and have some fun!


Other fun events are in the planning stages, and will be announced throughout the season.
The Speedway at Willow Springs International Raceway-2014 Event Schedule



Adult admission $10, Kids 10 and under Free. Green Flag 6pm unless noted

October 25th-  2nd Annual Pumpkin Smash. West Coast Outlaw Figure 8′s (tentative), Wayne and Dave’s Automotive Late Models, Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks, Mini Stocks, Skid Plate Racing. Kids Costume Contest and Halloween Party and time to crush some Pumpkins!! We will have Candy Crush, and much more!

Green Flag 3pm. (Day Race) 

Tailgating spots available for $5 first come first served. Season long Reserved Tailgate spots are available as well. Call (661) 945-2102 to reserve yours!!!




Phone: (661) 945-2102   (661) 492-7526


We would like to thank all our terrific sponsors for making our 2014 season possible!


A to Z Signs, Budweiser, Wayne and Dave’s Automotive, Toyota, KGG Electric, Hooper’s Rear Ends, Off Vintage Motorcycles, The Tire Store, Adams Metalizing and Grinding, Ron’s Rear Ends, Arena Homes, AV Roadhouse, Rock Inn, Lucas Oil Products, Abadak, Benz Sanitation, Angels Touch Towing, 10000 RPM Clutches and Flywheels, Deist Safety, Studio Equipment Rentals, Franks Radio, Linny White’s Race Shop, and Pepsi.




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Under cover of darkness the final “competitors” arrive at Willow Springs for their demise. The Mom we bought this from was so happy to know it was going to a new home, she took so much time cleaning it up and getting it ready having no real idea what we had in store for it. Meanwhile dad had seen our TV commercial and knew what was about to happen. Yes, it’s gonna be ugly!!!


You don’t even want to know how long it took to get this playhouse into the trailer. I want to ram this one myself many (many) times!!!


And you know you’ve seen these lying around on freeway shoulders, knowing just how fun it would be to ram it into a thousand pieces. TODAY IS YOUR DAY!!! Thank you R&M Automotive for the donation of this victim.






And we are going to be building some tire walls out of these bad boys. Big Johns Tire in Valencia, and R&M automotive gave us more tires than we will ever need. They are going to be FLYING in just a few hours!!!! We’ll have our water barrels filled up just waiting for a Demo team to miss a turn and send them flying 50 feet into the air!


It’s RACE DAY kids!!! 6pm green flag. 6:45pm national anthem into the 50 lap Open Comp race. We will run it similar to The All Star Race in three segments of 25/15/10 laps for the win.

The kids (and adults) will receive water balloons to throw at our Demo Cross cars, this is gonna be fun!!!!





50 LAP OPEN COMP  25/15/10 lap segments









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The Speedway At Willow Springs August 9th 2014 Raceday Schedule!


August 9 2014 Raceday schedule_B

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