Willow Springs October 13th “Pre-Race Report” presented by Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse!

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Andy D’Addario
The Speedway At Willow Springs Media
October 11, 2018
Rosamond, Ca.



Berkshire Hathaway Renewables and The Carlos Vieira Foundation “Race for Autism” Fundraiser! 

Powered by “Bobby Waynes RV”!


A HUGE night of racing coming to YOU only at Willow Springs!

We are back to back to back over the next few weeks featuring side by side door slamming racing at your Antelope Valley’s own….“Bristol in Your Backyard”!

You’ll have to be there next Saturday October 13thto see it LIVE….in person! 


4pm Heats
6pm Main Events


* The Late Model Truck Series (From Las Vegas, formerly known as the ASA Speed Truck Series)

 * “Destruction in the Desert” Part 1
(Figure 8, Chain Race, “Things that go BUMP in the Night”)

* Hoopers Rear Ends “Elite Division” (Late Models, Super Late Models, Trucks, Modifieds)

* Platinum Jewelry & Loan “Street Stocks”

* Bobby Waynes RV of Lancaster “American Stocks” (formerly Hobby Stocks)

* The Lucas Oil “Mini Stocks”

* The 51Fifty Energy Drink “Sport Compacts”

* The Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse “INEX Bandoleros”

 * The Tire Store “Mini Dwarfs”



*Kids Kandy Krush presented by “Parker Family Daycare”

*Big Wheel Race presented by “Photo’s by Ms. Mary”


*“Nick and Dave’s – The Tire Store” Tire Toss

*Hula Hoop Dance Off”




This Saturday October 13th!

Heats 4:00pm
Main Events 6:00pm






Berkshire Hathaway Renewables and The Carlos Vieira Foundation “Race for Autism” Fundraiser!!!!

Last year we raised over $2,300 for the Carlos Vieira Foundation and the National “Race for Autism” foundation! We are setting a goal of $2,700 for this year, and have a number of new blind bid items up for grabs. Bidding will run through the end of our October 27th race event. 


        1.)   (2) Disneyland Park Hopper tickets courtesy of The Walt Disney Company. (Good until December 2019) Retail Value $370.00. Bidding starts at $100



       2.)  51Fifty Energy Drink Fan Pack #1: Includes…..Extreme Tee, Blk/Red Mesh Classic Logo Hat, Aluminum Water Bottle, 5 Decals, 1 Case Sugar Free, 1 Case Original  

                      RETAIL VALUE $101.00. Bidding Starts @ $20.00    https://www.51fiftyapparel.com

        3.) 51Fifty Energy Drink Fan Pack #2:Includes….Contained Tee, Classic Logo Flat Bill, 51FIFTY Socks, 1 Case Sugar Free, 1 Case Original, 5 Decals

                      RETAIL VALUE $105.00. Bidding Starts @ $20.00    https://www.51fiftyapparel.com

        4.) 51Fifty Energy Drink Fan Pack #3: Includes….51FIFTY Classic Logo Tee, Leather Patch Flatbill, (1) 51FIFTY Keychain, (1) 51FIFTY Lanyard, (5) Decals, 1 Case Sugar Free, 1 Case Original

                      RETAIL VALUE $104.00. Bidding starts @ $20.00    https://www.51fiftyapparel.com


        5.) Willow Springs Pace Car Ride  –  Take the field to the Green! $10 a ride October 13thand October 27th!


        6.) 2017 Main Event Winners Banners 

                      RETAIL VALUE $15. Take em for $5.00 each!

       7.) K&N and Lucas Oil Hats. (10 of each) 

                      RETAIL VALUE $25.00  $10 each. Proceeds to the CVF and “Race for Autism”


The first of our two season ending Destruction nights will feature one old favorite, and 2 new events.

       FIGURE 8

Yes, mayhem at the intersection! We’ll start our Destruction Events with an Open Comp Figure 8 on the dirt!


Yep, let’s do something stupid. Let’s tie a couple of cars together by a chain and see what happens! Last time we tried this, one of our staff almost ended up on her roof! (Remember Connors family?….lol)


Borrowing from an old Saugus Speedway favorite, we are going to do something even dumber than the chain race. We are going to shut the track lights off (yes off) and race in the pitch black dark. (I did say it was stupid) Each car will have a navigator with one flashlight to light the way. So, we expecting LOTS of bumping and who knows what else!

       Our enduro teams have been looking for a chance to use their dual seat cars, we’ve found “something” for them to do!…..LOL.

We’re not exactly sure what will happen here, we’ve never (ever) done this. Anything can and will happen, only at Willow Springs this Saturday!

I do have one note for all the fans….

BRING A FLASHLIGHT!  (and we are going to ask you to turn your tail lights on all around the track in tail gate for some walking light).

Coming on October 27this an even bigger Destruction night featuring a giant Roundabout, Boat Destruction, and one last Figure 8!



       We are proud to announce that we will be the first ever Touring Track for the new “Late Model Truck Series” on October 13th, 2018. We met at the Promoters conference last year in Reno, and we were quick to say……ABSOLUTELY…BRING IT!

       These Trucks from the southwest region have a long history in short track racing. The Speed Truck series originated back in 1997, under the American Speed Association (ASA.) At one time, MechanixWear gloves sponsored the class. As a touring series, the Trucks raced up to 10 different tracks in one season, traveling through California, Arizona, and Nevada.

       Today the new LMTS Truck Series draws from its early origins with innovations in short track racing. The LMTS Truck Series uses a full-tube chassis with a 330-horsepower sealed V-8 spec engine.They have a two-speed direct drive transmission, with a clutch pedal dump valve coupled to an aluminum quick-change rear end.  The trucks sport replica fiberglass bodies of the Chevrolet S-10, Chevrolet Colorado, Dodge Dakota, Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma. Speeds can reach up to 150-mph at some of the larger tracks.

       The Trucks go to local tracks ranging from small 1/4-mile tracks to big 1/2-mile ovals, along with 1.7 and 2.1-mile road courses. Although the ASA Truck series disbanded in 2013, the remaining Trucks are regrouping and race as the Late Model Truck Series. 

       We are very excited to have the LMTS race for our Willow Springs fans this Saturday October 13th!

We Can’t Wait!!!


For more information about the Late Model Truck Series….


Or, visit them on Facebook at




We are neck and neck (and neck) for the 2018 Championship!

Lancaster’s #169 Ken Lukaszonas was our point leader going in September 22, but with the strong performances of #44 Mike Miller and #84 Matt Durkee on September 22nd, it’s a blanket over the top 3. And, only 4 points back is Ken Iannalfo Jr. stalking the leaders. Anything can and will happen! Expect some hard racing for the win this Saturday with only 2 races to go!

Consistency will be key over the last 2 events as the top 6 drivers all have a shot at the Championship! First time racer Will Hitt put the familiar #24 of Sam Patel into the Winners Circle to mix it up even further.

Lukaszonas and Miller are both showing the momentum and strength in the final stretch of the 2018 season, or will it be someone new with the win?

Will Iannalfo Jr. find that early season magic with 2 to go? Will Durkee make the statement and go to the lead just ONE point back.

Nowhere else but Willow Springs this Saturday!




       The points battle is (and still is) RED HOT in the Hooper’s Rear Ends Elite Division.

       Leona Valley’s #77 Alex Anderson had some ups and downs in his quest for the Championship at our 2ndSeptember race. A strong qualifying effort followed by seeing his rival, Lancasters #05 Randy Wilkins be credited with the heat race win, negated those points gains.

       Moving to the 40 lap Main Event for the “Hoopers Rear Ends” Elite Division, we saw Anderson starting at the back as a result of his win on September 8th, so a big challenge was in front of him coming to the green. Palmdale’s #98 Chris Peedan led the field down with Santa Clarita’s #25 Justin Good outside. The two drivers swapped the lead the first few laps with Peedan prevailing by Lap 4 to the point. #05 Randy Wilkins settled into third spot with Palmdale’s #88 Ryan Rawlings and Ventura’s #70 Saugus Speedway Legend Dave Phipps.

       Everything was cruising along good for the #98 Peedan until lap 22 when he came together with #25 of Good, sending both to the back. The re-start proved to be a challenge as the #70 of Phipps, #98 Peedan, and #25 Good came together on the re-start. #25 of Good unfortunately retired from the event at this point.

       With everything now happening behind him, #05 Wilkins inherited the lead with 17 laps to go. But this wasn’t over yet as #77 of Anderson was on his tail in 2ndspot with #88 of Rawlings looking for a big night as well.

       Lap 33 was where it all was determined. #77 of Anderson went for the lead with #88 of Rawlings following through. And that’s where it ended with #77 Alex Anderson back again in the winners circle. #88 Ryan Rawlings enjoyed his best finish of the year with a solid 2ndspot behind our point leader.

       #77 Alex Anderson Leona Valley, Ca.
       #88 Ryan Rawlings  Palmdale, Ca.
       #05 Randy Wilkins   Lancaster, Ca.
       #98 Chris Peedan  Palmdale, Ca.
       #70 Dave Phipps Ventura, Ca.
       #25 Justin Good  Santa Clarita, Ca.       

       THIS SATURDAY October 13th, #77 Anderson and #05 Wilkins will face off once again with only 2 races to go in the “Hoopers Rear Ends” Elite Division. Who will come out on top of the leader board as they battle for precious points? And don’t forget about multi time champion Chris Peedan who has been here so many times.

       With some solid momentum #88 Ryan Rawlings and #25 Justin Good will be looking to upset the two front runners and post their own victories.

       Also, it’s a Saugus Speedway reunion as we are expecting #35 Rodney “The Rodent” Peacher to join the field to keep things interesting!

       This will all be unfolding this Saturday October 13th…..DON’T MISS IT!


       We are all thrilled here at Willow Springs to announce our latest Partner joining the Racing Family is Bobby Waynes RV of Lancaster. Our good friends at Bobby Waynes picked one of our most popular and exciting divisions. Formerly the Hobby Stock class, this division consistently produces exciting racing from Green to Checkered.

       Littlerock’s #28 Don Oatley, “The High Desert Mad Man”, made a return to Willow Springs last race, adding to the excitement of our points chase coming down to the wire.

       The day started well for Lancaster’s #44 Johnny Troesch snagging fastest qualifier and then the Heat Race to close the gap on point leader Antelope Acres #25 Brady Mertz. But, the Main Event is what you need to win, and #44 had his sights set on the sweep.

       #28 Oatley had the luck though, receiving the pole starting spot with the inverted field. #25 Mertz started outside coming to Green. Diving in behind #28 Oatley on Lap 1, Mertz was content to keep #44 Troesch behind him.

       Championship rival #44 Troesch was in third spot, but by Lap 4 was able to get by #25 Mertz into 2ndposition. At the same time, Lancasters #39 Brandon Fisk tried to stay with #44 Troesch through the pass, but #25 Mertz was able to hold him off….for now.

       The laps clicked off until 19 when #44 Troesch made the move to the lead diving under #28 Oatley into Turn 1. #25 Mertz knew he had to get by #28 Oatley to stay close in points, and that was exactly how it went. With 2 to go, Mertz made the move into 2ndspot, then coming to the checkers a few laps later. That pass kept him in front of #44 Troesch for the 2018 Championship.

       1.) #44 Johnny Troesch  Lancaster, Ca.

       2.) #25 Brady Mertz  Antelope Acres, Ca.

       3.) #28 Don Oatley   Acton, Ca.

       4.) #39 Brandon Fisk  Lancaster, Ca.

       5.) #72 Terry Williams   Antelope Acres, Ca.

       6.) #11 Rod Sproule    Lancaster, Ca.

And we are now down to 2 POINTS between Antelope Acres #25 Brady Mertz and Lancaster’s #44
Johnny Troesch for the 2018 Championship. #25 Mertz still leads, but #44 Troesch is coming on with a vengeance to end the season. With strong back to back wins in September, he closes to within 2 of Mertz.

       #44 Troesch earned the most points possible on September 22ndas the fastest qualifier, winning the Heat Race, and then backing it up with the Main Event win. Despite all that #25 Mertz stayed close enough to maintain the lead, but just barely.

It’s going to be a wild one this Saturday October 13thas the rookie Mertz goes up against the vet Troesch for what may by the Championship determining event.

                 THE PRESSURE IS ON!


       In the “Platinum Jewelry & Loan” Street Stocks Palmdale’s #81 Kasey Parker returned to the series. Having won the heat race earlier in the day and also the fastest qualifier, the stage was set for the main event.

       Blythe’s #30 Dwight Kelly, Barstow’s #71t Tony Provenzano, Antelope Acres #71 Michael Williams, and Oak Hills #35 Bruce Secord, moving over from the Hot Stock division, were all ready for the challenge.

       #71t Provenzano led the field to green with #35 Secord outside. #81 Parker challenged for 2ndspot on the first lap to move in behind Provenzano, putting pressure on the leader.

       But the Street Stock veteran #71t Provenzano kept #81 Parker behind him in the early going. As we neared lap 10 #81 Parker decided it was time to go making his pass on lap 13 for the lead. 71t Provenzano fell back to second with #35 Secord now putting pressure on your point leader.

       By lap 18, #35 Secord found his hole and made the pass into 2nd. #71t Provenzano looking at the big picture of the points championship, needed to only keep #30 Dwight Kelly behind him make it a positive evening.

       Meanwhile #71 Michael Williams helped #71t Provenzano by keeping Kelly behind him all the way to the checkers.  Palmdale’s #81 Kasey Parker cruised on to his second win of the season followed by Secord, Provenzano, Williams and Kelly.

       #81 Kasey Parker  Palmdale, Ca.

       #35 Bruce Secord  Oakhills, Ca.

       #71t Tony Provenzano  Barstow, Ca.

       #71 Michael Williams  Antelope Acres, Ca.

       #30 Dwight Kelly  Blythe, Ca.

       It’s down to the wire for #30 Dwight Kelly. It’s go big or go home as they say. 9 points are the difference going into this Saturday. Will Kelly respond with a win? Will Michael Williams score the victory that was SO close earlier this season?

ONLY at Willow Springs this Saturday October 13th!!




       In our Lucas Oil Products Mini Stock class, it was business as usual early in the day for our point leader, Beaumont’s #1 John Sereika. Setting fast time, and winning the heat race, he looked for the satisfying sweep to take with him on the long drive home.

       It hasn’t been completely smooth sailing for Sereika this season. At our early June race he was involved in a serious altercation that took him completely out of the event, and also resulted in missing the late June event.

       Cut to September our Main Event. Lancasters #19 Greg Didoha started on the pole, and San Bernardino’s #42 Cary Cecil outside. Sereika inside the second row with Castaic’s #15 Robert Waters beside.

       Sereika took advantage early as the #19 of Didoha struggled with the start of the race. But #42 Cecil was able to get to the lead while that was going on behind him.

       #42 of Cecil did what he could to keep the #1 behind, but the strength of Sereika was evident, blasting into the lead by lap 5. The sweep was within grasp as Sereika held the lead all the way to the checkers scoring yet another win in 2018.


       #1 John Sereika Beaumont, Ca.

       #42 Cary Cecil  San Bernardino, Ca.

       #19 Greg Didoha  Lancaster, Ca.

       #15 Robert Waters  Castaic, Ca.


We asked this question early in the season, and it’s time once again, “Who is going to stop John Sereika?”



The second of our two new permanent divisions are the 51Fifty Energy Drink Sport Compacts. We were looking for a middle step from So-Cal Enduro toward the upper divisions and the SC fits that bill perfectly. Still an extremely low budget division to run (cars complete can be built for right around $1,500), it’s a chance to run our full track without the chicane. We think it will be a quickly growing division with it’s higher speeds, yet still cost effective starting point for racers hitting the track for the first time.


And don’t forget….


INEX  –  We are very happy to announce we will be an INEX sanctioned track for the 2018 season. Both Legends and Bandolero’s can come earn National Points throughout the season. We are expecting a healthy turnout of Bando’s coming out of the Bakersfield area, and looking for some exciting racing from tomorrow’s future racing stars! 


$4,000 to win So-Cal Enduro MOVED to November 10th!

National Enduro Event –  This is gonna be BIG! We are thrilled to announce a $4,000 to win 300 Lap Enduro scheduled for November 10th, 2018. 

We are receiving calls from as far away as Washington for details on what is destined to be a landmark event for Willow Springs. Build a car for $1,000, race for $4,000. Racing doesn’t see math like that every day!…;). And, we are hoping those cars are added to our Enduro and Sport Compact divisions both before and after the 4K event adding to our competitor levels as an added bonus. We are starting as many cars as show up. If it’s 125, then all 125 start the race.

This is gonna be fun! 


Here’s all you get for just $10 this weekend. There is NO better deal in the Antelope Valley for entertainment this Saturday!


* The Late Model Truck Series (From Las Vegas, formerly known as the ASA Speed Truck Series)

 * “Destruction in the Desert” Part 1
(Figure 8, Chain Race, “Things that go BUMP in the Night”)

* Hoopers Rear Ends “Elite Division” (Late Models, Super Late Models, Trucks, Modifieds)

* Platinum Jewelry & Loan “Street Stocks”

* Bobby Waynes RV of Lancaster “American Stocks” (formerly Hobby Stocks)

* The Lucas Oil “Mini Stocks”

* The 51Fifty Energy Drink “Sport Compacts”

* The Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse “INEX Bandoleros”

 * The Tire Store “Mini Dwarfs”



We would like to thank all our terrific sponsors for making our 2018 season possible!


Platinum Jewelry & Loan, Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse, Bobby Waynes RV, 51 Fifty Energy Drink, Hooper’s Rear Ends, Lucas Oil Products, A to Z Signs, Wayne and Dave’s Automotive, The Tire Store, O’Reilly Auto Parts, K&N Engineering, Adams Metalizing and Grinding, Petro-Lock Fuels, Angels Touch Towing, 10000 RPM Clutches and Flywheels, Deist Safety, Studio Equipment Rentals, and Linny White’s Race Shop.





This is a feature found at only a few race tracks in the entire Country. Throw your own personal party while watching the action at our ¼ mile for just $10 per vehicle. If you’d like a reserved Tail Gate spot for the season, they are only $125 for all 9 events. Arrive and leave when you please, the spot is yours on race days.





Have an RV? Stay the night for no extra charge (dry camp) and enjoy Sunday’s events as well. Hookups are available at the road course area for a small extra charge. Contact (661) 256-2471 for reservations.





Our 1/4 mile oval is part of the eight race tracks and 600 acres that make up Willow Springs International Raceway. Internationally recognized since 1953 as among the most prestigious in the World, and as of 1996, a California State Historical Landmark. Michael Andretti, Tommy Kendall, Derrick Cope, and Nigel Mansell all hold track records at the facility.  


Here is a little more detail on two terrific features you cannot get anywhere else. Once you are in the front gates, your ticket is good for the entire weekend of racing for the road course events on the grounds, in addition to our Saturday night event. The 2.5 mile Fastest Road in the West which features dramatic elevation changes, and the infamous Turn 9 with speeds approaching 200 mph. The Streets of Willow Springs, and The Horse Thief Mile, also have events just about every weekend through the year. Hangout in the pits, talk with the drivers, and get some terrific pictures. Also, there is the WSIR gift shop and full snack bar open every weekend. Take a drive up to the Budweiser Balcony and enjoy an incredible view of the Antelope Valley as well. 


The second feature of our 1/4 mile oval that you can not get just about anywhere else is Tail Gating. ($10 nominal charge per vehicle) Our guests can enjoy the action from the comfort of your car should you choose. Our prime spots are very limited, so get there early for the best locations. We also have a large amount of grandstand seating for the full experience as well with FREE parking.   


Our Saturday Night divisions will feature the best stock car drivers in the region as they compete for the 2018 Championship. Get ready for some old school side by side stock car racing like it used to be. Full inverts, Restart Cone side by side yellow flag restarts, (where the drivers can pick inside or outside line). We are gonna change it up and have some fun!

One low price $10 ticket buys you an entire weekend of AWESOME racing action. There is racing all over the facility every weekend. Come early and enjoy the road courses, then come on up to us at the ¼ mile (North end of the property) for a full night of door slamming stock car racing action on our ¼ mile. Even get yourself a tail gate spot for a nominal $10 more and enjoy the action right from your vehicle. It’s like an old school Drive in Movie! Bring your own food and drink and have a great time! Still haven’t had enough? Come back Sunday for even MORE.

A full weekend of racing for only $10! There is no better BARGAIN in the AV this weekend.




Adult admission $10, Kids 10 and under Free.


Email: andydadd@earthlink.net

Phone: (661) 713-8534