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IMG_2675We passed out thousands of discount tickets for the remainder of our season over the past 9 days. We had really good discussions with a number of residents of the valley that never even knew our track was there, some even right in Rosamond that didn’t know we had Nascar style Stock Car Racing. We even had many people mention they thought we were closed. We also talked with some former racers, discussed what we were doing, and hope to get them to return. Some of our team members spoke with numerous people who want to become competitors, and gave advice on where to start. This is one on one community out-reach that will make a difference. All in all, well done Team.

I’d like to thank our race teams that came out in support of this very important event. At the very top is PJ Hernandez and family that came out almost all the Fair days to help us out. Rich and Dale Connors, Steve Patterson, Joseph Pablo, Brandon Fisk, Randy Wilkins, Richard Wolfe Jr., Johnny Troesch, and Matt Jackson. (I hope I didn’t forget anyone!) Most of these names came out more than once in support. Thank You to All!

We took hundreds of fan photos, our website and Facebook page hits are through the roof, and am hoping for an excellent turnout this weekend and for our final two events.

Thank you for the support and moving forward The Speedway at Willow Springs!