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Artwork for Racing West
High Desert Cruisers Caravan into Willow Springs!

More “First Evers” at Willow Springs, “The Little Bristol of the West”.

Do you love all the action of Stock Car Racing at Bristol Motor Speedway? Well race on out to Willow Springs this Saturday, August 31st.


“WE ARE Bristol in your Backyard”!

Photos courtesy of Miss Mary Secord, Rex Emerson, and Ralph Gugliuzza.

We have night of Action and Fun planned for this weekend for You, our Fans. THIS Saturday night August 31st will be another night of “Firsts Evers” as the Irwindale Skid Plate cars go On Tour to The Speedway at Willow Springs. My personal thanks to Irwindale Event Center’s Jim Cohan, Michael Atkinson, Doug Stokes, and Robert Rice, the creator of this fun event, for making this race happen. Mr. Cohan graciously allowed us to share their Rulebook, and the first race is now upon us.

As always, we have some other Fun stuff planned, and lots of Action in our point battles as our season rolls out of Turn 4 toward the checkered.

Point races became even tighter in some of our divisions after Race #6, as the intensity grows for the Championships. Late Models, Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks, Mini Stocks, and Bombers are all on the menu.



We are also taking it back a bit “old school” bringing back an old Mesa Marin favorite, “Penny Gold Rush” for the kids. We are going to be dumping a bucket full of coins on the front stretch, and the kids will grab them in Easter egg hunt fashion. It’s going to be a Coin Feeding Frenzy for Sure!



Remember Saugus Speedways Ego Challenge? We brought that back last race, and our fans loved it. Ego Challenge gives our fans a chance to test their skills (or bumpers, doors, quarter panels…lol) on our fast and very tight ¼ mile.

“At Your Own Risk” as they say. And DO NOT borrow the wife’s mini van for this!…..LOL.

We do have some requirements, (those insurance companies just don’t like to have any fun) so please visit for details in the coming days. We will have three divisions PLUS a race car hauler run off. 8, 6, and 4 cylinder classes will run for the win. Spots are very limited for this division, and you must sign up in advance of August 31st..If you’d like to compete, please sign up with an email to….. with Name, Phone, and Division.



Once again we end the night with Barrel Blast Off. But like any good Theme Park, we need a Disclaimer:

“If you sit in the front row, you WILL get wet!”

Our guys have now honed their barrel smashing skills to an art form, and have pretty darn good aim with a 3000 pound stock car. Frankenford is primed and ready to launch a few 55 gallon water barrels into the air to give the stands a good soaking.

You might want to bring an Umbrella!

$10 Adults, Kids 8 and under are Free. Parking Free. Optional Tail Gate spots are only $5.



Another First Ever in our 2013 season is the visiting Irwindale Skid Plate cars. We have at least one local car under construction as well to join the field as we expand to our own local division. For those that haven’t seen them, here’s the only way I can describe it…..

A Rolling Destruction Derby.

They are 1980’s and later front wheel drive cars, take the rear wheels off, bolt on a wide flat plate instead, put them in drive, and watch the mayhem begin. They spin, push, twirl, slide, and somehow manage to make something that kinda sorta looks like a race. These are cars are FUN, and the Irwindale teams are looking forward to the tow up to put on a show for YOU!

Skid Plate cars race for the first time ever at The Speedway at Willow Springs this Saturday August 31st. ONLY at Willow Springs!



Our Points races remained tight after our August 10th event, and the guys and girls are working on strategies to catch the leaders. Our point system, borrowed (stolen) from numerous tracks and series in the Pacific Northwest, rewards the most bonus points to the car that completes the most passing throughout the season. Those that use the point system to their advantage, are never out of the hunt.

In our Late Models Jared King opened up a 13 point lead by doing just that. He passed everyone from the last starting position on August 10th. Previous Champion Chris Peedan and Randy Wilkins are still close, but are now chasing King. The strategy is easy here, qualify fastest, pass all the cars in the field, and take the win. Will Chris or Randy get there? Come see this Saturday to find out!

PJ Hernandez opened up a little more of a lead over Brandon Fisk in the Bomber division from August 10th with a win. But Fisk is still right there and just needs a good night to close the small gap. Valencia’s Shelby Oatley is still holding third in her rookie season. As Peedan in our Late Models, Brandon needs to gain some passing points. So look for a solid qualifying effort, win the Heat, and then pass a number of cars in the Main to close on Hernandez. Brandon wants this championship bad, be there to see if he pulls it off!

In our Mini Stocks, Steve Patterson got what he needed and had the entire night go his way last race by being fast qualifier, winning the Heat Race, and then going on to win the Main Event as well with a solid points night. Jim Holland is now looking over his shoulder as Patterson closed to just a 10 point lead in the standings with 3 to go. Meanwhile, Rich Connors still hanging in not far behind Patterson in 3rd spot with Janice Heflin holding her own in 4th spot.

In Street Stocks Dylan Buxton is still our point leader, but right there on his back bumper is Will Cottrell who is just now 1 point out after Race 6. But Bobby Dezarov won August 10th, and is closing on the leaders who are now both looking back at Dezarov who is charging hard. Who will come out of August 31st with the points lead? BE THERE to see!

Our Hobby Stock class has Don Oatley still out front. But our second in points Johnny Troesch was injured before the last race, was driving hurt, and did not have a good night. We saw him at the Antelope Valley Fair this past week and unfortunately the news was not good as the injury will require surgery. But being the hard core racer he is, NOT before his next race. A broken bone or two is not going to keep Johnny from climbing in behind the wheel, as he is determined to chase Oatley for the Championship. Will Johnny shake off the pain and put the 44 in the winners circle? You’ll have to be there to find out! DJ Jeffery is still holding 3rd spot, and Michael Williams moved to 4th in points after Race #6.



What do some Tail Gating? Throw your own personal party while watching the action for just $5 per vehicle. That is a feature of our 1/4 mile oval that you can not get just about anywhere else. Our guests can enjoy the action from the comfort of your car, and have a great time to boot! Our prime spots are very limited, so get there early for the best locations. We also have a large amount of grandstand seating for the full experience as well with free parking.



As an added bonus you can’t get anywhere else, your $10 adult ticket gives you a wristband for the entire weekend of events. Arrive early and enjoy the Toyota Southwest Super Lates on the road course with speeds approaching 170 mph at 3:30pm. Then come have fun with us at the ¼ mile Saturday night for some side by side Bristol style Short Track Action. And if you still haven’t had enough, come on back Sunday for even more with cycles on the road course with Motoyard. Yes, a complete weekend of racing entertainment for only $10!

Can you name a better bargain?

Yes, we can. Have an RV? Stay the night for no extra charge (dry camp) and enjoy Sunday’s events as well. Hookups are available at the road course area for a small extra charge. Contact (661) 256-2471 for reservations.

We thank all our terrific sponsors for making our 2013 season possible!

KGG Electric, Pepsi, The Tire Store, AV Roadhouse, MGS Custom Motorcycles, Rock Inn, OFF Vintage Motorcycles, and Mirror Image Audio

The Speedway at Willow Springs International Raceway.

“WE ARE Bristol in your backyard”!

The 2013 race season is being presented by GIRT Promotions.

Our 1/4 mile oval is part of the eight race tracks and 600 acres that make up Willow Springs International Raceway. Internationally recognized since 1953 as among the most prestigious in the World, and as of 1996, a California State Historical Landmark. Michael Andretti, Tommy Kendall, Derrick Cope, and Nigel Mansell all hold track records at the facility.

Remainder of 2013 Racing Season Schedule.

August 31st 7PM Green Flag

High Desert Cruisers Car Club Night- Mini Stocks, Bombers, Hobby Stocks, Street Stocks, Late Models, Ego Challenge, Skid Plates, and Penny Gold Rush.


September 21st   Mini Stocks, Bombers, Hobby Stocks, Street Stocks, Late Models, other events to be announced.


October 26th       Pumpkin Smash,      Mini Stocks, Bombers, Hobby Stocks, Street Stocks, Late Models, Diva Dash for Cash.  Season Finale: Day Race- Racing Begins at 1pm