Marketing Day Update

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Hello Willow Springs Racing Family,

As we all discussed back in December, we cannot run this facility alone and need your help to continue the growth we achieved last year. As a group, we set a goal of 35 cars and 500 people in the grandstands per event. In order to achieve those goals, we need to work together to make our track even better. The more people involved, the more sponsors, the larger our purses can grow. We need all three aspects of our track (Racers, Fans, Sponsors) working correctly to reach our goals.

This Saturday March 22nd, will be our first ever Marketing Day for the speedway. We will gather at 11:30 am at AV Roadhouse, roll out at noon, and be no later than 3pm (probably earlier). Even if you can only do an hour or two, that will help us. Any time you can offer would be appreciated! We will finish the marketing day with a BBQ back at AV Roadhouse at about 3.

Our Slogan this season……..We Need to Take Care of Each Other.

This marketing day is part of that. WE NEED EVERYONES HELP ON THIS!!! I can’t think of a more important marketing push we will do this season working directly with local businesses one on one. YOU can make the difference of putting some new fans in the stands, hopefully YOUR fans for life. If you have some hero cards, I’d bring those with you to show off your race cars. Maybe you might even pick up a sponsor!

To give us an idea of how many to expect, please drop me an email at

to let me know how many are coming, and how much food to prepare for the BBQ.

In Advance……….THANK YOU!!!!

Andy Daddario

Race Director.