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Reservations for the 2017 season for TAILGATE spots has begun. If you had a tailgate spot for the 2016 season you will have first chance to renew your SAME spot. If you wish to choose a different spot, you will lose your pre-sale option and will have to wait until March 20th when the tailgate spots left unclaimed, are then opened to everyone on a first come sale basis.

2017 Pricing has increased to $120 for the season, payment for anyone renewing will be due by March 18th, 2017…Payment can me made via Paypal, Venmo, Cash/check in person to Tiffany Parker, or a check mailed.

Please contact Tiffany Parker to reserve your spot and set up your payment option. If you did not have a spot for 2016 and would like one for the 2017 year, you may contact Tiffany and you will be placed on the list as interested if that person chooses to not renew from 2016.

*Reservations open to everyone will start on March 20th. Season opener for racing is April 15th.*

There will be 5 race day spots left open for those who wish to show up and pay the $10 per race on a first come basis- those will not be sold as season long spots at this time.


Any questions regarding tailgate please contact Tiffany Parker at Tparker116@gmail.com