2015 Pre-Season Schedule

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Good morning Willow Springs Family. In addition to our already released schedule, we are adding the following dates for Open Testing, Poster/Marketing Day, and Track Spiff Up / Clean Up day. We are advancing our Tire Order date to March 2nd so they have arrived in plenty of time for Open Practice. That is your last day to get your order in with Rick Romo’s Racing Tires. That is this coming MONDAY. So please get them in if you haven’t.

March 21st.      Poster/Marketing Day.

March 28th    Open Practice All Divisions

April 4th  Track Spiff Up Day.

Hope to announce a BBQ for all participants on April 4th spiff up day as well. I’ll know more in the next week or so.

In Advance, Thank You!!

Andy Daddario (Race Director)