WORK PARTY PART 1- Concession Booth Makeover!

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(Rosamond, California   February 6, 2016)

New Improvements at The Speedway at Willow Springs for 2016. The big goal for our work party today was to refurbish our Concession Booth, which after a full day of work, exceeded all our expectations. We all couldn’t have been happier with the end result of the makeover. Great job to the entire team.

Along with the Connors Family, we’d like to sincerely thank the “Rosamond Community Watch Program” (RCWP) for coming out to make over our Concession Booth making it beautiful again for the season.

Also completed today were….

New Fan Gate from the stands to the track. (Thank You to Randy Wilkins for the construction!)
Signs in Turn 2 were moved.  (which blocked the view of the fans)
Moved the boats and destruction items to clear the pit lanes and open up more pit spaces.
Rebuilt the gate going from the Concession area to the pits.
General cleanup and weeding of the entire facility.

Thank you to everyone that participated!

The Rosamond Community Watch Program


Gail Warnick
Jack Miller
Paul Warnick


Team Willow Springs

Rich Connors
Kristen Connors
Randy Wilkins
Barry Wolf
Nick Higginson
Daniel Judd
Joe Casagrande
Dale Connors II
Ken Wilkins
Andy D’Addario