Purse / Entry / Key Times / Info

NEW RACER GUIDE  Your first time with us? Fantastic! Thank you for racing The Speedway At Willow Springs, we welcome you! Here is some additional information you will find helpful.  Welcome-To-The-Speedway-At-Willow-Springs-INEX-.pdf ********** MINORS RELEASE (must be NOTARIZED if you use this downloadable version!)  Minors-Release.pdf   ********** FACILITY ENTRY $10 at the Main Gate of the Road Course per person. Allows access for the entire weekend. Please keep your wristband on at all times.  **********   BACK GATE Willow Springs Racing Association Membership  (not a requirement – but does give discounted pit pass pricing)  $55 (season) This is available for Drivers … Continue reading Purse / Entry / Key Times / Info