Pre Race Story – The “Platinum Jewelry & Loan” Street Stocks! 3 Days to Race Day!

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Andy D’Addario
The Speedway At Willow Springs Media
September 5, 2018
Rosamond, Ca.


*photo’s courtesy of Miss Mary Secord


       The race day started off very well for Barstow’s #71 Tony Provenzano. He posted at the top not only as the fastest qualifier, but winning the heat race gaining valuable points on Blythe’s #30 Dwight Kelly for the 2018 Championship. #30 Kelly is still leading, but #71 Provenzano is closing, now within 4 points. This is all shaping up for a huge battle this Saturday September 8th!

       Palmdale’s #81 of Kasey Parker was returning from a long layoff since the 2017 season. The day did not start well for him qualifying ¾ second off top qualifier #71 Provenzano, as they were struggling with the car throughout the day. #57 of Baxter conversely had a very solid qualifying effort in 2nd, just a ¼ second off the pace also finishing 2ndin the Heat Race earlier in the day. Baxter was looking for his first win of the year, but also needed a solid points night as well as he’s in the thick of the battle for the Championship.

       A invert pull earlier in the day put the struggling #81 of Parker and #57 of Baxter side by side at the start. Coming to green, we were expecting quite a battle for the lead with the quicker #57 of Baxter outside. And it was, but with the inside line advantage it was just barely enough that #81 Parker ultimately won that particular battle. The goal now was to stay out front of the charging Baxter hungry for that first win. With the tough start of the day behind them, luck just might be changing for Parker.

       After the heartbreaking loss back on June 8th, after leading for almost the entire race, Antelope Acres #71 Michael Williams was forced to retire early on Lap 4. Unfortunately, his troubles from the June 8thevent not entirely behind him. Oak Hills #35 Bruce Secord settled into behind Provenzano, as the race progressed past half way.

       Meanwhile our point leaders, #30 of Kelly and #71t of Provenzano, were racing each other like it was championship night. #30 Kelly determined to stay out front of #71t Provenzano while Provenzano continually challenged for the position. Provenzano kept Kelly so busy neither noticed the leaders moving further and further away. Conversely, this was exactly what #57 Baxter and #81 of Parker needed.  

       #57 Baxter would take runs and close on the leader, but Parker and his team had definitely found the answer during the day. Every time #57 Baxter would close the gap, #81 Parker pulled away.

       And yes, it was going to be the Cinderella ending we love in racing. The hard work by Parker and his crew paid off as #81 Kasey Parker captured his first ever win in a very emotional Victory Lane celebration with wife Tiffany and family. #57 Jerry Baxter came away with a hard fought 2ndspot, and a big points night for him.

       With Kelly and Provenzano just 4 tiny points apart, this is shaping up for a big September 8th“Platinum Jewelry & Loan” Street Stock race.

       Now with his first win behind him, does Parker do it again? Does Baxter claim his first win? The track owes #71 Michael Williams a win, does he prevail?

       ONLY at Willow Springs this Saturday September 8th!!

Andy Daddario
Promoter / Race Director
The Speedway At Willow Springs International Raceway
(661) 713-8534