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The Speedway At Willow Springs Media
May 10, 2017








Hoopers Rear Ends “Elite Division” (Late Models, Trucks, Modifieds)


Platinum Jewelry & Loan “Street Stocks”


Sterile Pros “Hobby Stocks”


Swift Napa Auto Parts “So-Cal Enduro”


The Lucas Oil “Mini Stocks”


51Fifty Energy Drink “Sport Compacts”


Wayne & Dave’s Automotive “Mini Dwarfs”


Studio Equipment Rentals Skid Plates







Add to all that, fun events for the kids to enjoy this Saturday……

Kids Kandy Krush presented by “Parker Family Daycare”
Big Wheel Race presented by “Photo’s by Ms. Mary”

“The Tire Store” Tire Toss




This Saturday May 13!

Green Flag 6:00pm








RACE #3 IS ON!!!


Get ready for another night of “paint trading” action in all our regular divisions. The points battles are still tight as we roll into Event #3 with no clear frontrunner is most of the divisions. We go back to our regular evening schedule under the lights this week.



THE PATTY’S CAFÉ Rosamond and Lancaster “Triple 20’s!”



       Trying something new this week. It’ll be 20 laps one direction, we reverse the field and 20 laps the other way, and then flip a coin for the final 20 in So-Cal Enduro action this Saturday!
       #0 Robbie Kleisner was off to an early lead in the first 25 lap segment, but it wasn’t long before 4th place starter #61 Dalton Houghton from Ridgecrest shot to the lead. #11x Jose Palacios from Lancaster worked his way from further back in the field to a hard fought 2nd in the first 20 lap segment. #41 Corey Carter from Lancaster worked to a 3rd from way back in the field.

       #61 Houghton started from the pole for Segment 2 and held the lead for just one lap before #41 Carter took the lead for the next 10 laps. The #74 Ken Iannalfo though was slowly working his way through the field, now up to 2nd then making the pass on Carter for the lead. Iannalfo held off challenges, but lead the rest of the way for his first win of the season. Your top 5 in So-Cal Enduro were….

#74 Ken Iannalfo Sr.
#41 Corey Carter
#11 Jerry Burks
#06 Stan Youngblood
#55 Otto Blowers

The So-Cal Enduro continues to produce the wildest action on every race night. Not to be missed at Willow Springs this Saturday!!!





       It was all #30 John Pennings night as he won not only the Heat Race, but the Main Event in the 40 Lap Hoopers Rear Ends Elite Division.


       Earlier in the day, #77 Alex Anderson sent a message posting fast time of 15.37 almost a full tenth faster than his next closest competitor. After a complete rebuild of the #77 during the offseason, could this be his night? It was certainly starting off that way. After qualifying and the draw for invert, Anderson found himself on the outside of the front row. Unforutnately, one of our fastest modifieds, the #34 of Tony Forfa IV, broke early in the day ending his chances at a solid points night.


Rolling on pace laps the front row was Penning alongside Anderson at the green. But #05 Randy Wilkins with the preferred line grabbed 2nd spot at the completion of lap 1. Anderson fell in behind content for the moment keeping on the bumper of Wilkins.


Way at the back starting last was the previous race winner #33 Logan Mainella. Mainella quickly started picking off cars as he sped through the field. By lap 7 he was up to 4th moving into 3rd by lap 11. Now working on 2nd place Anderson, Mainella made the pass on lap 14 to pull in right behind Penning with a shot at the win.


But time was running out for our defending race winner. Dicing for the lead the rest of the way, Penning just held his line and made no mistakes. As the laps clicked off Mainella took many shots at the leader, but just didn’t quite have enough as the checkers fell on Lap 40 of the all green flag event.



Our Elite Division (SLM, Late Models, Modifieds, and Trucks) returns on May 13th for our 3rd event of the season.


       Penning from Lebec, Ca. is also our new points leader by just 2 over Mainella.





      #5 Jeremy Orozco made the long tow from Lake Havasu Speedway to join us last race. He set the tone early with a blistering 15.8 second lap in qualifying. With a 2 rolled in the invert, it put him on the outside pole coming to the green along side #34 Tony Forfa IV from Redlands.

       It didn’t take long for Orozco to make it to the lead. Defending Street Stock champ #25 Justin Good from Santa Clarita quickly worked his way into second behind Orozco with Forfa dropping to third. Meanwhile #27 Don Oatley from Santa Clarita started way at the back after missing qualifying and worked his was to 4th. But he wasn’t able to advance beyond as Orozco took the checkers in the 30 lap main event.

Your top 5 from the last event were…

#5 Jeremy Orozco (Lake Havasu City)

#25 Justin Good (Santa Clarita)
#34 Tony Forfa IV (Redlands)
#27 Don Oatley (Santa Clarita)
#57x Jerry Baxter (Sylmar)



#25 Good leads #34 Forfa by just 1 point going into Event #3. Who will it be this week? You need to Be There!





       We warmly welcome Sterile Pros as the newest sponsor to the Willow Springs family. They wanted the most popular division at our track, and they definitely received that!

       Once again our Hobby Stock class provided for some of our most exciting racing of the night, and a first time winner!


       Earlier in the day during qualifying it was again #44 Johnny Troesch (Lancaster) and #71 Michael Williams (Quartz Hill) at the top of the board. With the 1 position invert it put them side by side coming to the green. #79 Joseph Pablo (Rosamond) took advantage of the better line and left #44 Troesch in 3rd by the end of lap 1. But it wasn’t for long as #71 Williams was out of the race by Lap 7.


      At the restart on lap 7, #79 Pablo took the lead with #44 Troesch and #39 Brandon Fisk (Palmdale) both taking the Cone restart to put them outside #79 Pablo. It was a very short lived restart as Fisk was out on Lap 8. The only question now was could #79 Pablo hang on against #44 Troesch on his bumper and a charging #88 Donnie Oatley coming through the field.


But as the laps wound down this was going to be Pablo’s night posting not only his first win in 2017, but his first win in a couple of seasons in the emotional Victory Lane speech. It was quite the day with Pablo not even at the racetrack earlier with a broken truck asking for help from his friends to even get here.


Excellent finish also for #55 Jim Barnhart (Lancaster) in 4th spot.


Going into Event # 3 this Saturday May 13th, Troesch holds a tiny 2 point lead over Donny Oatley with Pablo just 2 points behind that. There will be another fight for the Championship this Saturday. Don’t miss it!





Your top 5 for the Sterile Pro’s Hobby Stocks.

#79 Joseph Pablo

#44 Johnny Troesch

#88 Donnie Oatley
#55 Jim Barnhart
#11 Rod Sproule





#19 Greg Didoha
#13xl Nate Vandeventer
#31 Tyler Gallup
#42 Carey Cecil
#6 Stanley Youngblood
#64 Chris Markin








The first of our two new divisions for 2017 are the Wayne & Dave’s Automotive Mini-Dwarfs. The MD’s are broken down into Sr. and Jr. Don’t let these young kids fool you, they are doing lap times right up there with the big boys.


On the Jr. Mini Dwarfs side #43 Cameron Perryman from Bakersfield won the main event.


On the Sr. Mini Dwarfs #7 Nathaniel Edwards, #44 Angelo Troesch from Lancaster, and #83 Sharlize Parker also from Lancaster were your top 3.


Going into race #3, Edwards leads Troesch by just 6 points with Parker 6 points behind that.






The second of our two new permanent divisions are the 51Fifty Energy Sport Compacts. We were looking for a middle step from So-Cal Enduro toward the upper divisions and the SC fits that bill perfectly. Still an extremely low budget division to run (cars complete can be built for right around $1,500), it’s a chance to run our full track without the chicane. We think it will be a quickly growing division with it’s higher speeds, yet still cost effective starting point for racers hitting the track for the first time.


#58 Randy Hannah of Ridgecrest was absent this race, so it was open for a new winner in the division. #74 Ken Iannalfo (Rosamond) posted his first win for 2017 followed by #06 Melissa Youngblood (Victorville). Hannah and Clark still hang on to the point lead but Iannalfo is now just 1 point back in 3rd, and Melissa Youngblood just 1 point back that in 5th spot.



       And if all that isn’t enough, we have Flag Pole racing BACK for this Saturday.


       DON’T MISS IT!!




Here’s all you get for just $10 this weekend.


60 laps of So-Cal Enduro
40 laps Hoopers Rear Ends Elite Division
30 laps Wayne & Dave’s Automotive Hobby Stocks
30 laps Platinum Jewelry & Loan Street Stocks
25 laps Lucas Oil Mini Stocks

15 laps 51Fifty Energy Sport Compacts
12 laps Studio Equipment Rentals Skid Plates

15 laps The Wayne and Dave’s Automotive Mini Dwarfs

Flag Pole Racing
That, and MUCH MORE.


And you get all that for only $10 per person, ($10.00 optional tail gating). Bring your own food and drink to throw your own personal party! There isn’t a better bargain in the Antelope Valley this Saturday!!!
Green Flag 6-pm!







This is a feature found at only a few race tracks in the entire Country. Throw your own personal party while watching the action at our ¼ mile for just $10 per vehicle. If you’d like a reserved Tail Gate spot for the season, they are only $120 for all 8 events. Arrive and leave when you please, the spot is yours on race days.





Have an RV? Stay the night for no extra charge (dry camp) and enjoy Sunday’s events as well. Hookups are available at the road course area for a small extra charge. Contact (661) 256-2471 for reservations.





Our 1/4 mile oval is part of the eight race tracks and 600 acres that make up Willow Springs International Raceway. Internationally recognized since 1953 as among the most prestigious in the World, and as of 1996, a California State Historical Landmark. Michael Andretti, Tommy Kendall, Derrick Cope, and Nigel Mansell all hold track records at the facility.  


Here is a little more detail on two terrific features you cannot get anywhere else. Once you are in the front gates, your ticket is good for the entire weekend of racing for the road course events on the grounds, in addition to our Saturday night event. The 2.5 mile Fastest Road in the West which features dramatic elevation changes, and the infamous Turn 9 with speeds approaching 200 mph. The Streets of Willow Springs, and The Horse Thief Mile, also have events just about every weekend through the year. Hangout in the pits, talk with the drivers, and get some terrific pictures. Also, there is the WSIR gift shop and full snack bar open every weekend. Take a drive up to the Budweiser Balcony and enjoy an incredible view of the Antelope Valley as well. 


The second feature of our 1/4 mile oval that you can not get just about anywhere else is Tail Gating. ($10 nominal charge per vehicle) Our guests can enjoy the action from the comfort of your car should you choose. Our prime spots are very limited, so get there early for the best locations. We also have a large amount of grandstand seating for the full experience as well with FREE parking.  


Our Saturday Night divisions will feature the best stock car drivers in the region as they compete for the 2017 Championship. Get ready for some old school side by side stock car racing like it used to be. Full inverts, Restart Cone side by side yellow flag restarts, (where the drivers can pick inside or outside line). We are gonna change it up and have some fun!
One low price $10 ticket buys you an entire weekend of AWESOME racing action. There is racing all over the facility every weekend. Come early and enjoy the road courses, then come on up to us at the ¼ mile (North end of the property) for a full night of door slamming stock car racing action on our ¼ mile. Even get yourself a tail gate spot for a nominal $10 more and enjoy the action right from your vehicle. It’s like an old school Drive in Movie! Bring your own food and drink and have a great time! Still haven’t had enough? Come back Sunday for even MORE.

A full weekend of racing for only $10! There is no better BARGAIN in the AV this weekend.




Adult admission $10, Kids 10 and under Free.




Phone: (661) 713-8534




We would like to thank all our terrific sponsors for making our 2017 season possible!


Platinum Jewelry & Loan, Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse, Sterile Pros, 51 Fifty Energy Drink, Hooper’s Rear Ends, Lucas Oil Products, A to Z Signs, Wayne and Dave’s Automotive, The Tire Store, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Adams Metalizing and Grinding, Angels Touch Towing, 10000 RPM Clutches and Flywheels, Deist Safety, Studio Equipment Rentals, and Linny White’s Race Shop.