OPEN PRACTICE DATE CHANGE – Pre Season Schedule Changes

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Good morning Willow Springs Family.

Due to an Operations request at the WSIR front office, we were asked to change our OPEN PRACTICE to March 19th. Here’s our new upcoming Pre-Season Schedule



February 20th –  Work Party

February 27th –  Work Party

March 5th –  Almond Blossom Festival / Work Party at WSIR

March 6th – Almond Blossom Festival / Work Party at WSIR

March 12th –  Work Party  (Track surface unavailable)

March 19th–  OPEN PRACTICE  $50 per car. 12pm to 5pm.

For Work Party info (on what tools and manpower we need) please contact Ken Wilkins (714) 321-3221 or by email

For all other questions please contact Andy Daddario (661) 713-8534