OCTOBER 25TH Sport Compact Enduro!

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Oct 25thSpeedway Willow SpringsOct 25th


50 Laps – No Break

Sponsored By

Swift Napa Auto Parts

Mojave – Tehachapi – Lake Isabella – Ridgecrest


(Minimum Purse)

“$300 TO WIN – $25 TO START”

$25 entry fee

Driver and crew pit passes $25 – (plus $10 at main entrance)


RACE FORMAT Roadcourse race, using the oval and infield.- 

The race will be a 50 lap, straight through event with no breaks. Lineup will be a pill draw at the drivers meeting. The race will begin from a standing start. No yellow flags will be used. The race will continue around disabled vehicles unless the racetrack becomes blocked, or a safety hazard warrants a red flag. At which time all cars will stop immediately until green flag racing is resumed.

RULES – cars must be completely stock with no performance parts. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Chassis and engine – open to any front wheel drive, 4 cyl or 6 cyl car or minivan. 

All chassis and engine components must remain completely stock design, oem or oem replacement.

No turbos or ram air induction of any kind. Catilytic converter may be removed.

Tires will be p-series dot street radial tires the approximate size for the vehicle. Max 7 in tread.

SAFETY All glass must be removed, except for windshield. Steel screen mesh may replace windshield.

All interior must be removed except for dashboard and drivers seat. Factory driver’s seat and 3 point seat belts may be used, but racing seat and belts highly recommended. 

A fire extinguisher mounted within reach of driver is required.

DRIVER SAFETY – Drivers must wear an approved full fire retardant driving suit and helmet.

Racing shoes and gloves are highly recommended.

ROLLCAGE REQUIREMENTS – all current skid plate cars from willow, irwindale and oss are legal! But this it what we would like to see for new builds…

Minimum 1.5 inch, .090  tubing. Mandatory, one roll over bar located behind drivers seat, extending from door to door, above the drivers head, with one cross bar at approximately shoulder height. One door bar from shoulder height to floor at front of door in both driver and passenger doors. Must be securely mounted to floor using steel plates. A complete full ministock type interior roll cage is ok, and recommended.

No bars allowed in engine compartment. No reinforcing of front bumpers allowed. 

Safety rules will be strictly enforced. Vehicles considered unsafe will not race. 

So please call ahead if you have any questions.

These rules are based on the current skid plate cars running at willow, oss and irwindale.

If you’re legal there, you’re legal here.


Please make sure your numbers are large and legible! There will be a lot of cars. 

If the scorers have a hard time seeing your number, you might get missed. 


TECH INFO – Aaron – 661-714-7228. Danny – 760-977-0216