Informational Meeting Saturday December 14th at Casa Roma / AV Roadhouse….12pm.

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Happy Weekend to All.

(Thank you Nascar Ralph for the nice graphics work!)

I hope this will be good news for most of you. After a good meeting yesterday with Chris Huth, Debbie Maas, and Stacie Walters at WSIR, I can now confirm I will be coming back as your Race Director in 2014.

We would like to have an Open Meeting to discuss our vision for 2014 and beyond, and to hear your ideas and thoughts as we move forward. There are numerous areas we need to improve upon in order to attract sponsorship, improve our facility, and subsequently raise the purse structure as we are successful. All of these are impossible without YOUR help and dedication. We absolutely need resources in order to improve and position ourselves to be ready for higher end sponsors to grow our track.

Since we finished on October 26th I’ve spoken with just about every Promoter and Series Director on the West Coast, and last week had a very good telephone conference with the Deery family who run 3 very successful racetracks in the midwest, and a little traveling Series you might have heard of called, “The World of Outlaws”. They had a number of very good notes and ideas of how to improve our show, reach out of the walls of the racetrack into our community even more, (The Speedway at Willow Springs Booster Club) and grow our sponsor partners and co-ops over time. (small sponsors that turn into large ones). I was looking for large sponsor involvement since I last saw everyone, but I’ve now learned that simply isn’t possible as advised by the most successful Promoters in the sport. There is a dynamic in growing and building sponsor relationships and partnerships that simply takes time and resources. There is a specific path that needs to be followed, and we have started down that path.

None of this is going to happen overnight, and we need everyone’s help to reach these goals. I’ve spoken with a number of you personally on this, and many of you have already taken the  initiative and are involved in the effort. No effort too small, no sponsor lead too small. Even a $100 program ad is going to make a huge difference. I Thank You Team Willow Springs!

We also need ideas on how we can get cars that are sitting in garages and out running with us as well. This is IMPERATIVE to our success. If you have a car that you feel doesn’t meet our current rules (or know someone that does), Aaron Staudinger will be there as well to discuss how we can include you. I want no cars sitting in garages in 2014! This must happen.

The one thing we will (not) be discussing in any detail will be Division Rules. Currently minimal changes are planned, (if any) but are awaiting OSS to be confirmed as open, and the direction they plan to take. We would like to of course be as complementary as possible for important reasons.

This is a very important meeting I would ask everyone to attend. Drivers, team members, car owners, potential teams and sponsors, and fans as well. We want input on how to improve and make 2014 even better than 2013, while conveying what we must achieve in 2014. I will be setting specific goals we WILL reach, and is imperative that we reach and exceed them. But we need your help, and can not do this alone. We set fan attendance records in 2013, and must continue to improve upon that. But, we need your help in order to do that. We all have regular jobs and must share the responsibility of moving our track forward.

In advance, I thank you for attending and look forward to speaking with each and every one of you. I can setup an Ichat session for those out of the area who would like to be with us remotely. If you have an individual question, I’m available at the contact sources below.

Thank you!

Andy Daddario
(661) 713-8534

Av Roadhouse

320 W Ave J2

Lancaster, CA 93534