Have you seen Around the Flagpole racing?? You will on August 10th!!!

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Another “First Time Ever” in our 2013 season! AROUND THE FLAGPOLE!

I honestly haven’t seen in person at any track on the West Coast, but we will have it August 10th only at Willow Springs. Around the flagpole is well……..a mess. It’s a Round-A-Bout with race-cars. And to make it more fun, we will have two of those, one down the front and one down the back straightaways. Imagine two figure 8’s on the same track, meeting at an intersection, maneuvering around other cars to get to the next turn. Yes, a mess!

This fun event will be an Open Competition free for all. If you own a race prepared vehicle, come on out and have some fun!!!

Here’s a web link to check it out!