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Do you want more fans in the stands with us?

Now is our chance!

We need all of our drivers, teams, and anyone involved with our speedway to take a few hours to pass out flyers at the Fair. Starting tomorrow, the fair is open, and we will have a Southwest Super Late car out along with High Desert Broadcasting. (they did not have room for a second car from us unfortunately) I will be there tomorrow evening after work, and will again on Sunday when I return from covering the SRL at Stockton. (an event I agreed to cover awhile ago). We could use your help any of the days the Fair is open.

However the big important dates are ……August 22-25

This is to coincide with the auto events. We can have our flyers sit on a table un distributed and continue getting what we have, or we can go person to person and make this happen! This is free for us, and a golden opportunity to be in front of our potential fans and customers from our target market area.

Those of you that know what I’ve written through the years know about the race tracks we’ve lost. After studying the issue for over a decade now, it always comes back to the entire track community coming together to move it forward (or not). I’ve found this to be WITHOUT EXCEPTION of all the tracks I’ve studied from Idaho, Washington, Oregon, to Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Missouri, and of course California.

Everyone takes personal responsibility in marketing themselves, and the track. More fans mean more cars, which mean more sponsors, mean better purse. It all feeds on itself when it is headed in the right direction. There is a very good reason Colorado National Speedway puts 6,000 fans in the stands every week, a TEAM effort. Please come join the team and help move us forward.

The days of, “my job is to race, and the promoters job to promoter” are long over.

Those days will never return I assure you. This is a TEAM effort. I personally will be there Friday, Sunday, and next Friday-Sunday in support of our track, PLEASE come join us!!!!

PLEASE come help us help you. Drivers, bring your hero cards and sign them for the kids. Crew guys, bring your drivers cards and give them out as well. Fans, and friends of drivers, you are welcome too. Please contact Debbie if you want to setup a specific time you’d like to be there, but let’s just show up and help get some more fans into our fold.

If you have anything extra you can give out especially to the kids, that will help tremendously in bringing those people out to see you do what you love……..RACE.

I really need everyone in The Speedway at Willow Springs community stepping forward to help on this.

In advance, Thanks!…….Andy D’Addario (Andy D.)

If you have questions, you can email me at